On a Mission…

Minnesota Leadership Center is on a mission to raise the level of leadership and add value to leaders throughout the state.  We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership.

With a Vision…

Imagine a Minnesota with committed, high-quality leaders in all sectors: government, religious organizations, public service officers, businesses, parents, sports teams…everyone.  We can!  We’re determined to see a state where organizations are run by leaders who know how to touch hearts before they ask for hands, who believe in the fundamental principles of being a positive influence in their organization, and who care enough to never settle for “things are fine.”

…and Built on Quality

Minnesota Leadership Center is built on the experience and reputation of its people.  Its founders bring a combination of small business, Fortune 500, and congregational experience.  No matter the size or shape of your organization, there’s a good chance we’ve served someone like you before.  That’s how you know we’ll be able to serve you.

The Minnesota Leadership Center is founded on the principles and practices of the world’s #1 Leadership Guru: Dr. John C. Maxwell.  The MLC’s founding partners have all been personally trained and mentored by Dr. Maxwell and are certified by him as coaches, speakers, and teachers.  Everything we do is custom-built for the person or organization we’re serving, from mastermind think tank groups, to seminars, to personal coaching.



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