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About Walking in Faith

Walking in Faith is an experience designed to equip you with:

♦ Awareness of how living a life built in Faith increases effectiveness and lowers stress
♦ Resources to develop and integrate your Life’s Core Purpose
♦ Tools to begin building your Legacy
♦ The Key Steps to developing a Christian Resource Group at work

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Our Speakers

We have an incredible lineup of local experts this year.  You won’t want to miss the power of their combined message!

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Why Should You Attend?

Recent polls by Gallup and Harris show that 70% of Americans are bored at work, and over 80% are stressed. We often feel unsupported, unequipped, or unsure how to navigate the demands of our job while still being true to ourselves.

Often, what’s missing is our ability to be wholly and authentically ourselves in any situation. Join us as we explore how to create a solid foundation built on Faith. Topics include how to embrace our personal calling, build a Faith-based foundation, and live out a life of meaning and significance.

The Walking in Faith Conference brings together a lineup of speakers, workplace leaders, and teachers. Each brings a unique expertise in their field. Shari Harris is an author and chaplain whose work spreading the Walking in Faith message has had an international impact. Jeff Pelletier has developed the Life’s Core Purpose program, focused on guiding you to an effective and joyful life. Kristi Olson is a nationally recognized trainer, who connects the dots between what you do today and the legacy you leave tomorrow.

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